NYSBDA Honor Bands

The NYSBDA Middle and High School Honor Bands will rehearse and perform in person at the annual NYSBDA Symposium in Syracuse, NY. The dates for the 2024 Symposium are March 1-3.

The Honor Band student nomination process will be completely online. Additional information regarding the application can be found below.  This year, there is only one form to complete - which should only be completed by the nominating band director.  As part of this year’s nomination process, we are asking that our 2024 Commitment Form is filled out and signed by the appropriate parties. This document will need to be
uploaded to the online application for each student that you nominate.

The deadline to submit forms and materials is 10/27/2023.

Participation fee $325 for Senior High and $240 for Middle School (covers fees, lodging, meals, and digital concert recording)



Middle School Information

Nomination Form

Commitment Form

Contact: Omar Williams, Omar.K.Williams@gmail.com

High School Band and Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble Information

Jazz Contact: Austin Day aday@tufsd.org

High School Band Information

Band Contact: Brad Hartman nysbdahshb@gmail.com

High School Band and Jazz Ensemble Nomination Form

Jazz Ensemble and High School Band Commitment Form




Conductors (2024)

Woman in concert dress smiling
Dr. Shayna Stahl
Man wearing a black shirt and glasses
Cheldon Williams
Man sitting at a drumset
Dennis Mackrel

Programs (2024)


M.S. Honor Concert Band
  • TBD
H.S. Honor Concert Band
  • TBD
H.S. Honor Jazz Ensemble
  • TBD

Program Subject to change

Rehearsal Schedules (TBD)

    • Middle School Honor Band
    • High School Honor Band
    • High School Honor Jazz Ensemble